Going Paleo – Your Easy Entry Guide

Going Paleo – Your Easy Entry Guide

Have you got what it takes to be a caveman or cavewoman? Here’s your opportunity to find out—and you may be surprised what single commitment to action is required.

When you think of all the modern conveniences our cave-dwelling ancestors didn’t have—from automobiles to microwave ovens and cell phones—it is easy to understand why they were so healthy.

They walked almost everywhere. They ate much of their food raw. And they never had to stress over sky-high phone bills.

According to studies of ancient tribes living about 40,000 years ago, our ancestors showed no signs of chronic illness, either.

Of course, many died prematurely of accidents, injuries and infections, but if they lived long enough to become adults, they had a lifespan similar to the oldest people living today.

Paleolithic remains indicate that the average Stone Age man was fit and strong. He had a bone and muscular structure equal to that of modern professional athletes.

And instead of working 40 or more hours a week to take care of his needs, the typical hunter-gather would spend only about six hours twice a week to get enough food to eat.

Working fewer hours, having better health, keeping fit, stressing less, living longer—aren’t those exactly the goals of most people today?

For all the conveniences of modern society, the truth is that many of us would be happier and healthier if we lived more naturally, like our nomadic forebears.

The problem, of course, is that so many of us have lost touch with our inner caveman. We’ve grown lazy and spoiled.

We’ve replaced whole produce and fresh game with processed foods. Our sugar and starch addictions put on pounds and keep us from loosing the weight we gain. We spend our time inside, sitting in front of computers, instead of outdoors walking, running and jumping.

Can you get up out of your chair right now?

Can you step away from this screen, squat down and touch your knuckles to the ground?

If so, you’ve got what it takes. Read on, and welcome to your new Paleo life.



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