Pectoral Exercise Variations to Add to Your Upper Body Program

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Variety isn’t just the spice of life; it’s also the way to fully target your chest muscles and get that great upper body look you want.

Whenever you’re trying to obtain physical improvements, whether it’s building strength, building endurance, or adding more lean muscle mass, you have to keep changing the stimulus on the muscle cells in order to get the body to pay attention and keep responding.

If you instead go into the gym and perform the same workout day after day after day, eventually your body is going to get used to this and you’ll never make the progress that you’re after.

That’s why learning some of the top exercise variations is a must, working out the muscle group that you’re targeting by adding them in over time.

Here, then, are a few ways to vary your chest workout so that you never get bored or stop seeing results.

Incline Bench Press

The first of the chest exercise variations that you should consider adding to your caveman workout is the incline bench press. Most people naturally gravitate to the flat bench press because it is such a terrific strength builder and it is true—it is going to help you gain far greater overall muscle strength.

That said, sometimes you need a break. The incline bench press is nice because it targets the shoulder muscles to a higher extent and helps bring out the top of the pecs slightly more as well. This will help build a well-rounded chest area and help you look your best.

Cable Chest Fly’s

Another variation to consider is the cable chest fly. Many people are quick to use dumbbells when performing their chest fly’s but the cables add a unique twist to the movement since they are less stable and will apply constant tension as you move throughout the entire range of motion.

Because you are less stable, cable chest fly’s take a little more strength to perform, so just be sure that you already have some degree of training base behind you first before moving on to these.


Push-ups on an Exercise Ball

Never overlook the push-up as you go about your workouts. The push-up is great because it can be performed anywhere without any equipment. With so many different variations out there for this simple exercise, you’ll never get bored.

For extra challenge, try placing your hands on an exercise ball while doing the push-up. This will cause instability in the body, which will cause the muscles to contact harder than normal. You’ll also target the core while doing this exercise.


One other variation to include is the dip exercise. Dips are nice as they’ll work both the triceps and chest muscles as long as you lean forward. It is also a movement that can be done anywhere, and dips work great as a “finisher” exercise at the end of your workout program.

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