Caveman Workouts with 10-pound Dumbbells

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Although 10-pound dumbbells aren’t heavy at all, don’t be fooled by them—there are blistering Caveman Workouts you can do with these basic tools.

The 10-pound dumbbell is never to be underestimated when it comes to a bona fide Caveman Workout. Here are some workout routines that will leave even the toughest begging for mercy.

Please keep in mind that these are not meant to be “steady state cardio” type routines for sustained duration. The objective is to fatigue rapidly due to high intensity over a short period of time—the way Cavemen did when battling nature.

Box Jump – The box (or jumping stool) height should be high enough to challenge a person for one nonstop minute of jumping at a medium to quick pace—without holding any weights. Thus, when holding 10-pound dumbbells, the individual should jump fast enough to achieve exhaustion within one minute.

Treadmill Incline – Walk at 15 percent incline, holding the 10-pound dumbbells straight at your sides, at a fast enough speed to reach exhaustion within 2-5 minutes. For some, this will be 2 mph. For the very fit it will be 4 mph. For more torture, one can increase the speed to force jogging or do overhead presses with the dumbbells during the entire interval.

Squat Jumps – These are murder even without weights, but you can hold the 10-pound dumbbells either straight at your sides, with bent arms, or press them overhead at the top of each jump.

Burpees – Stands with dumbbells at your sides and then drop to a squat, placing the dumbbells on the floor ahead of you, hands remaining on them. Next, thrust your legs out behind, do a pushup, pull your legs back into a squat, and then jump up. This entire sequence of moves comprises one repetition and should be done in one fluid motion, although less fit people will need to pause in between some of the components. Do as many repetitions as possible in one minute. For more agony, as you jump up, press the dumbbells overhead.

Scissor Jumps – Also known as switch jumps or lunge jumps, you start by assuming the beginning position of a walking lunge. Jump up from this position and in mid-air switch legs so that your original front leg is now the back leg. This is done quickly for one minute, and the deeper you land, the more intense. Beginners will need to pause between each jump. Hold the 10-pound dumbbells straight at your sides. Go deep! This will absolutely kill.

For any of these routines, if you reach exhaustion after only 15 seconds, that works fine—remember, the goal is to perform the workout up to one minute, with the exception of the treadmill exercise (2-5 minutes).

Between routines, rest a bit. Casually walk or march in place 2-4 minutes without holding the weights, and then repeat for eight total intervals.

And if you want to be a real prehistoric beast, string together several of these routines with no rest in between. For example, box jumps immediately followed by the treadmill exercise immediately followed by the burpees. Ghastly!

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