Advanced Legs/Buttocks Workouts for Total Animals

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Some lower body workouts are reserved just for savages. Get ready to be tortured with these vicious cavebeast workouts for the lower body.

The following five strenuous legs and glutes workouts are in no particular order. Do all five or just three or four, to create a brutal 45-minute session. The shorter the rest in between any one of these workouts, the more of these workouts you can cram into 45 minutes, and the greater the fat-burning result.

Leg Press Squat Jump – Load a decline leg press machine with a weight that will allow you to lower the sled as deeply as possible, knees at the sides of chest, not on top of chest.

Push back up half way so that knees are bent a little more than 90 degrees. Hold two seconds and release deeply again. The reps are done at the bottom half of the movement. You will need much lighter weight than what you’re used to since these are partial, static-hold reps. The load should be adjusted so that this starts hurting within 8-12 reps.

At the end, quickly exit the machine and do 90-degree squat jumps to exhaustion. Pause in between each one if necessary to lift off. Get back into the machine quickly enough so that only 30-45 seconds pass before the next set. Repeat this pairing three times.

Dumbbell Stair Dash – Trot up a full staircase (such as those at a gym) as fast as possible, one step at a time, while holding dumbbells in each hand that are too heavy to make two-step trotting possible. Do three sets with 60-second rests.

Quad Crucifier – Perform an 8-12 rep max on a leg extension machine. Immediately reduce resistance by 30 pounds and lift again, to failure. Repeat the resistance reduction by 30 pounds and again go to failure. Do three sets with 60-90 second rests.

Explosive Squats – Load a Smith machine with enough weight to make 20 squats difficult. Explode upward and immediately lower back down for every rep. Do five, 20-rep explosive squats. Reaching 20 may not be possible by the fourth or fifth set; do as many as possible, resting only 45 seconds in between sets.

Treadmill Hopping – While walking 2 mph, raise the incline to 15 percent. Hold onto the rails, place feet on either side of tread, and bring speed up to 3 mph. Step back on, release hands, and begin jumping using both feet at once; do not let your feet hit the tread at separate times. While you’re hopping, hands are free in the air and they coordinate with the jumping.

Continue hopping this way for up to 30 seconds, then walk while lowering the incline and speed to casual effort. After one minute, return the incline to 15 percent and repeat the jumping two more times, each time increasing the speed by one half mile per hour. The goal is to find the speed that leaves you heavily panting.

Warning: This requires some athleticism. It’s recommended that even “natural athletes” start at 3 mph. Work up to 5.5 mph at 15 percent incline, even if for only 15 seconds. It’s a killer!

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