10 Psychological Characteristics of an Endomorph

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Knowing the traits that typify the endomorph’s personality can be very useful to designing a workout program that is likely to succeed as opposed to simply letting nature take its course.

Body type heavily dictates the type of program best suited to any individual. No less so, a person’s temperament and attitudes factor in, too.

Here, we focus on the endomorph and identify the various psychological characteristics that such individuals often possess. Notice how each one can play into getting the most out of exercise.

1. Laziness – The very first characteristic of an endomorph is that they are generally unenergetic, which can show up as laziness. Given the choice to get out and get some physical activity or stay in to curl up and watch a movie, nine times out of ten, they’ll choose the movie.

2. Adverse to Discomfort – Another common trait among endomorphs is a low threshold for physical discomfort. While many people can easily push past some fatigue and keep going, the endomorph may want to stop as soon as slight discomfort is felt. This makes pushing their barriers physically during a workout more difficult.


3. Calm Natured – While the ectomorph body type tends to be high strung in nature and burns up plenty of calories daily because of it, the endomorph tends to be much more calm-natured. You rarely see them fidgeting or getting worked up over incidents. Metabolism is slow.

4. Low Stress – As a corollary to their calmness, endomorphs tend toward low-stress lifestyles. The high stress levels that increase calorie burn are simply not present, which helps explain why they tend to gain excess weight so easily.

5. Emotional – Endomorphs place a lot of emphasis on feelings and can be emotional. They’ll often find themselves eating to overcome tension or for other reasons that are unrelated to hunger. Since total calorie intake determines body fat gain, this can quickly set back weight loss goals.

6. Insecure – Compared to the other body types, endomorphs may lack confidence and self-esteem. They may not take much pride in their looks or other attributes.

7. Humorous – Having a sense of humor is not necessarily a negative, but for an endomorph it can become a barrier to taking workouts seriously. The key is to make exercising fun, without treating it like a joke, in order to “lighten up” literally as well as figuratively.

8. Goal Oriented – This can be to the endomorph’s advantage—using goals to serve as motivation. The drawback, however, is that when results do not come on schedule, it can become an excuse to give up.

9. Extravert – Most endomorphs are people persons. The problem this can pose is that working out can be a very lonely activity, so endomorphs are well advised to exercise with friends or join a group to maintain motivation.

10. Tolerant – Again, this positive trait can work against the endomorph if it means allowing weight to gain or workouts to be skipped. Waiting for a situation to become intolerable before taking action is not a prudent course of action. Having a sense of urgency can be useful.

Obviously, endomorphs are not naturally drawn to exercise, so getting workout sessions in can be as much of a mental effort for them as it is a physical one. Have a good look at your current situation. If you show any of these traits, give some thought to how they might sabotage your efforts and then take steps to address them before they do.

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