10 Psychological Characteristics of an Ectomorph

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Although physical traits are used to define Ectomorphs and set them apart from Endomorphs and Mesomorphs, it turns out that their attitudes, emotions and ways of thinking also vary from those of the other two groups.

The two key physical characteristics of men with Ectomorphic bodies are tall and skinny. Their physiques make it hard for them to put on weight and they are not known for building up large amounts of muscle mass.

These physical traits are often reflected in the personalities of Ectomorphs as well. If the following characteristics describe you, they could be roadblocks on your way to putting on weight and gaining muscle.

1. Private – Psychologist William Sheldon conducted research on individuals who possess classic ectomorph body types. He concluded that ectomorphs tended to keep to themselves more than other body types.

2. Mood Swings – Ectomorphs have a tendency to suffer from nervous system problems. These disruptions make them more prone to emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.

3. Weak – It is believed that ectomorphs suffer from a self-fulfilling prophecy and have a tendency to be weak. Their inability to gain weight and muscle could adversely affect strength and endurance.

4. Self-Restraint – An ectomorph is not likely to be the first guy you notice in the room. He may be quiet and self-restrained, not looking to make waves or get into unnecessary arguments.


5. Self-Aware – Another character trait associated with ectomorphs is a tendency for them to be self-aware. They practice caution when interacting with others and have a strong sense of self.

6. Slow to Warm-Up – Don’t take it personal if an ectomorph does not reveal much about his/her lifestyle during your first meeting. Ectomorphs like to take things slow when they meet new people.

7. Nervous – An ectomorph is not likely to dive into anything without first thinking things through. He/she may feel nervous and unsure in unfamiliar situations.

8. Shy – Ectomorphs may be categorized as wallflowers. They may find it difficult to strike up conversations if not first approached.

9. Low Self-Esteem – If you are thin and lanky, you may feel unsure of yourself. This could affect your self-esteem level and make it difficult to build your confidence.

10. Lonely – The shyness and low self-esteem associated with an ectomorph could make him/her feel lonely. Ectomorphs may be perceived as loners or emotionally distant.

None of these traits need to be a barrier to getting the most out of cavemen workouts. The key is to be aware of them and keep concentrating on the overall goals you have set for yourself. Don’t let your unique personality hold you back from getting the physique you want.

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