10 Physical Characteristics of an Ectomorph

10 Physical Characteristics of an Ectomorph

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Knowing your body type can be highly beneficial to your weight-training program. Of the three main categories, are you an ectomorph?

Mesomorphs are traditionally muscular and athletic, while endomorphs have a rounded and heavier physique. If you are an ectomorph, you should recognize yourself in the 10 physical characteristics described below.

Skinny – You are not likely to find an ectomorph carrying around excess weight. The defining characteristic of an ectomorph is a thin figure. Ectomorphs may even have a bony appearance with little or no visible muscle mass.

Tall – Ectomorphs are typically tall with long limbs. The height is not likely to come from their upper body; instead the ectomorph will stand out with long arms and legs and narrow hands and feet.

Thin Muscles – When you have an ectomorphic body type, you typically have a very difficult time gaining muscle. Muscle mass on ectomorphs has a tendency to be stringy. Although muscle mass is not improved with weight training in most ectomorphs, strength gains are still increased with weighted workouts, especially for women.

Slow Weight Gain – Ectomorphs have very few dietary restrictions. Even with the consumption of high calorie foods, ectomorphs could find it difficult to gain weight. The metabolism of an ectomorph burns off calories at a faster rate than other body types.

Decreased Endurance – Unlike the athletic mesomorphs, ectomorphs have a tendency to find it hard to stick to a workout program. They have less endurance than mesomorphs and can’t handle long and strenuous exercise regimens.

Small Shoulders and Chest – Although ectomorphs may have lengthy limbs, they have a tendency to appear narrow around the shoulders and chest. The upper body may even have a concave look to it.

Delicate Bone Structure – Ectomorphs will not appear to others as strong and intimidating. Instead, they may appear soft and fragile.

Easy Weight Loss – Not only is it difficult for ectomorphs to gain weight, but they lose weight very easily, too. If they increase aerobic workouts or decrease calorie count, the weight is likely to come off quickly.

Flat Front – Ectomorphs will not have a muscular chest or six-pack abs. The fronts of their bodies are likely to appear flat with no muscle definition.

Hardgainers – Ectomorphs must make a commitment to a strength training and follow a high calorie eating plan to gain muscle mass. Workouts should focus on large muscle areas with short sessions and higher weight amounts.


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