Were Cavemen Homosexual?

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In April of 2011, archeologists found the remains of the world’s oldest gay human. The male skeleton was found in a Prague suburb in the Czech Republic.

Said to date back to 2900-2500 B.C., the 5,000 year-old remains of the male skeleton were found buried unusually in the way a female of that era was normally buried, with women’s belongings and rituals.

During those times, males were traditionally buried with their tools and belongings and with their heads pointing westward. On the other hand, women would be put to rest along with their possessions and with their heads pointing eastward.

It is almost impossible to pinpoint exactly when “ third sex ” behavior was first recognized among our ancestors. Anthropologists and scientists can only theorize as to the beginnings.

During the late Stone Age, tribal social structures were not very complex. The men would hunt, build, and protect the tribe. Women would serve as wives, nurture the young, and look after the village while the men were away hunting.

One theory is when all the males in the tribe went off hunting, some members of the group would develop an attraction towards their fellow hunting partners. Such could be the result of complex interpersonal social interaction between members of the same gender.

Another theory called “kin selection,” suggests that homosexuality was a trait passed on through heredity, a survival skill, in fact, so that the homosexual male could help out the women in doing their chores and at the same time protect the tribe while the “straight” men were away hunting or plundering.

During ancient times, tribes had initiations and rights of passage into adulthood, separating the children from the adults. Such initiations were tough and not all men in the tribe could pass the trials required, which leads to another theory. Perhaps the men who failed those tests could not become warriors or hunters, so they had to fulfill other, “more feminine” roles.

These feminized males might not necessarily have experienced feelings of rejection. Quite the opposite, they might have been revered as special and different, much like female shamans who were treated with respect and even a bit of fear. Especially in matriarchal societies, being a man with womanly traits could even be viewed as an advantage.

For certain, we know that homosexuality is common among other species, including such nearby cousins as Bonono apes. In fact, some studies have indicated that same-sex behavior is evident in nearly all animals, so we should not be surprised to learn of “shemale” cavemen.

Nor, too, should we be surprised if genetic research gradually sheds more light on how homosexuality has evolved through the ages. If natural selection and “survival of the fittest” weeds out the weak in a species over time, obviously being gay must have had some strengths and advantages going far back in time.

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