Natural Remedies for Toothaches

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Dental problems have plagued mankind ever since the first tooth appeared in the first human mouth.

History is sprinkled with complaints about toothaches. In fact, Ramesses II, pharaoh of Egypt, died at age 90 from bad teeth.

Although we now have the option to run to the dentist when something goes awry in our mouths, until fairly recently, people had to depend upon natural remedies to relieve the pain, and some of them are surprisingly effective.

Tooth decay is one of the greatest causes of toothache and it occurs when the bacteria present in the mouth have secreted enough acid to eat through the protective layer of enamel. The underlying dentine is much softer and the bacteria soon go to work on that, and then the pulp will be at their disposal. Blood vessels and nerves go into the pulp, so once that has been breached, you will definitely feel pain.

Relieving Tooth Pain Naturally

In addition to tooth decay, toothache can sometimes be caused by exposed roots or fractured teeth. Loose or lost fillings can also result in tooth pain.

An abscessed tooth will have to be taken care of by a dentist as it involves a serious infection. However, in many cases, it’s possible to get some natural relief for a toothache until you are able to schedule an appointment.

  • Ground cloves or clove oil is an old remedy for toothaches that really does work. The active ingredient in cloves is eugenol, which is both an antibiotic and an anesthetic.

  • A piece of raw, freshly cut onion will help relieve pain, and it also acts as an antiseptic to help eliminate the cause of the toothache.

  • Garlic, especially when combined with rock salt to make a paste, is an excellent way to stop toothache in its tracks. Like cloves, garlic is both antiseptic and anesthetic to stop the pain and kill bacteria.

  • Wheatgrass not only will act as an antibacterial, but it will also serve to draw any infection out of the tooth and surrounding gums.

  • Brew a cup of tea, and then apply the tea bag while it is still warm to the affected area. You can just put it into your mouth, gently bite down, and let the tannins in the tea bag work to reduce inflammation.

  • Salt water can help to cleanse the mouth while reducing the pain of toothache. Hold the salty water in your mouth, then spit it out – don’t swallow it.

  • A tincture of Echinacea can help to relieve toothache. If you have access to the plant itself, use a piece of the fresh root.

  • Plantain is a weed you probably have growing in your lawn or garden, and the leaves are an effective natural toothache remedy. Crush the leaves first, perhaps add a bit of salt, and place the mixture on the target tooth.

  • Those who have yarrow growing in the garden can use the fresh leaves or roots to stop toothache. The anesthetic properties will help to relieve pain quickly.

When to See the Dentist

Natural toothache remedies will work very well in a majority of cases, but there are times when you must get professional dental care. The blood vessels in the mouth are very close to the brain, so this cannot be neglected.

  • The presence of a fever means that there is an infection and there could be an abscessed tooth.

  • A toothache that lasts more than two days needs the attention of a dentist.

  • If opening your mouth wide is painful, you will have to schedule an appointment.

  • Extreme pain will probably mean an abscess and it will need immediate treatment.

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