Does Diet Affect Sexuality?

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We are all familiar with the saying “You are what you eat,” and this applies not only to general health, but also to sex.

The ability to enjoy good sex and to procreate is dependent upon general health – if your body is badly or improperly nourished you will be a poor performer in both areas.

The current obsession with human physique is a relatively recent “invention” as our caveman ancestors were undoubtedly too busy scrambling to find food and shelter than to worry about having a six-pack beneath that bison skin cape. It’s obvious from the fact that we are all here now that the Stone Age diet must have been enough not only to sustain the minimum requirements of life, but also to create the next generation.

Paleo Vegans?

If humans were meant to be vegans, we would probably still be crawling around on all fours or hanging from tree branches. Research has shown that cooked meat was required for the brains of early hominids to grow sufficiently to become “human.” Not only is meat required for an adequate brain size, but the high protein value of meat also translates into an increased sex drive and the ability to produce children.

A diet that relies primarily or entirely on vegetable matter involves a lot of time finding food and eating it. The fact that humans were able to access cooked meat from a very early period gave them much more time for other activities, including sex. Not just sex in the strictly carnal sense, either, but sex that would build up more permanent relationships.

Increasing Your Sex Drive

Among the biggest killers of libido are the foods that most people put into their mouths every day, including refined carbohydrates, like white bread and cake. Another major culprit is processed sugar, and fructose in particular.

A Paleo diet includes the right amounts of protein and natural oils and fats that can help sustain a healthy sex drive in both men and women. The foods included on the Paleo diet will actually help you to lose weight if you are experiencing weight problems or maintain the proper weight. Being overweight is one of the surest ways to diminish the sex drive, for both genders, so simply getting back into form can increase your performance.

While many may think of the Paleo diet depending only on red meat, seafood of all kinds is also included and it provides a number of health benefits. Additionally, oysters have always been considered an aphrodisiac, so including these in your Paleo banquet may provide an additional boost to your sex drive. As the Paleo diet includes nuts, men should be sure to enjoy cashews, especially, as their high zinc content boosts testosterone.

Love Foods

For millennia, people have eaten certain foods in the belief that they will increase their sex drive or make a man more potent. These foods have typically been chosen for one of two reasons: they have produced a noticeable physical reaction when eaten or they look like sexual organs.

In addition to the oysters and cashews mentioned above, there are many other foods that people from Paleo times onwards have used to boost their sexual response.

● Asparagus contains a number of vitamins and minerals that are essential to health in general, but also a high amount of folic acid which makes orgasm more intense.

● Basil has been used in the Mediterranean region as a seasoning, and the fact that ingesting it will make the heart race a bit has given it a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

● The sweet tooth of cavemen, -women, and –children was undoubtedly satisfied not only by fruit, but also by honey. The boron in honey boosts the estrogen levels in women and the testosterone in men, making both sexes more in the mood.

● Celery may not seem like much of a love food, but it does contain the male hormone androsterone, which acts as a sexual magnet for women, so perhaps munching down a stalk or two before a date could lead to a more successful evening for both.

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