How to Properly Gain Muscle Mass with Food

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Increasing your daily calorie intake may help you bulk up, but if you want your body to be fit there is a right way to go about it, adding lean muscle and not just fat.

Far too many people get caught up in their workout program, figuring out the perfect exercises to perform, the perfect number of sets to complete, and so on, but then completely neglect their diet plan.

If it’s your goal to gain lean muscle mass, you need to take time to learn about the weight gain process. In fact, your diet is going to account for about 80% of the total results that you see, so to create a dramatic physical change, you have to focus on what goes on in the kitchen.

Here are a few quick tips that you should help you create the optimal diet plan for gaining weight.

Use a Proper Calorie Surplus

The very first thing you need to do when designing a mass gaining diet is look at your calorie intake. Since you can’t build muscle out of thin air, you must be supplying more calories than your body burns off to maintain itself each day.

For most people, a good place to start is around 250 calories above maintenance requirements. This will produce a weight gain of about ½ pound per week, which should ensure that it’s mostly lean muscle mass that you’re building.

Keep Your Protein in Check

Next, get your protein in line. This is where far too much confusion comes in. Too many people believe that the more protein you eat, the faster you will build muscle.

That’s because muscle is made up of protein, so it seems to make sense that the more you supply, the faster your muscles will grow.

Not so. Your body can only build so much muscle each day. Any protein supplied over and beyond your needs is simply going to be burned off as a fuel source or stored as body fat depending on your total calorie intake.

Keep protein to around one gram per pound a day. This will easily supply enough for your body to use to gain lean muscle.

Don’t Fear Fats

Fad diets have created an unwarranted “fat phobia” all over the world. The truth, however, is that healthy fats are a great source of long-term energy for the body and won’t have any influence on its insulin levels.

Fats provide a stable source of fuel to complete the muscle building process, while also reducing the chances that you see fat gain. When you get a sudden flood of insulin into the system, the likelihood of the body transferring all the excess carbs in the blood to fat stores is much higher. Fats actually help prevent this.

Eat Right around Your Workout

Finally, make sure that you are also eating right around the workout period. Aim to consume some carbohydrates along with protein before and after your session to give your body the energy and building blocks it needs.

Remember that this is the time when your body is most likely to build muscle and least likely to gain fat, so really do make the most of it.

If you have a good look at your current diet plan, you should be able to easily identify any of these elements you are missing out on. Apply them all, and increase your probability of successfully building muscle mass.

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